The 4 Biggest Advancements in Wireless Home Security

Because of their ease of use, the additional security, and peace of mind they offer, many people are opting for wireless home security. It really is a great option, with a whole host of benefits. Older alarm systems relied on telephone lines, so if a burglar knew to cut the phone line, your alarm, and your ability to call for help, were both gone. These days, wireless systems have no wires to be cut, and we can access them from our smartphones. The wireless systems themselves have also come a long way.

1 – Access Control

Methods of access control have become a lot more diverse. Rather than a basic keypad, which other people might be able to get the code for, you can opt for bio scanning, using a fingerprint or eye scan, or facial recognition. Garage doors used to open on a few set frequencies, and could easily be opened with another remote, they’re a lot more sophisticated now, so only you can get in.


You can also get notifications to your phone when somebody enters your home, so if there shouldn’t be anyone there, you can get home, or get your alarm company or the cops to check it out.


2 – Remote Control

From closing your garage to turning on the alarm and switching lights on and off, wireless home tech offers a lot more remote control now. An app on your smartphone lets you control and access everything from your alarm and cameras to the lights and thermostat. This is a huge help when you’re away from home for a few days and want to check in, or are getting home late and just need a few lights on.


3 – Smart Tech Never Forgets

Alarm systems in a smart home can keep a log of who goes in or out, or at the very least, the times that the alarm was disabled. Cameras not only have much better quality footage, so you can actually see who was in your yard, not just that they were a tall white male. They also store footage on cloud servers, rather than on-site, so that footage can’t be lost, destroyed, or stolen if the burglar in question decides to take the VCR – though very few people still store their security footage on VHS.


4 – Automated

A huge advantage to wireless homes and home security systems – you can automate just about anything. You can set lights to come on and go off at certain times, whether they’re security lights outside, or inside lights to make it look like you’re home when you’re not. You can also program your thermostat to warm up the house before you get home. The beauty is, if your power goes out, your wireless system can sync to a world-clock, so it won’t be thrown out by several hours.


Companies like Alder home security offer a lot of wireless options. Systems these days are pretty easy to use, but if you do need it, most companies will help you out until you’ve learned the ropes.


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