4 Mountain-Inspired Decor Ideas

Mountain home decor is all about combining natural elements with a comfortable feel. You want your mountain home to embrace the landscape and show your personality. Freshen up your mountain home decor by incorporating several key design elements. Following is a list of four mountain-inspired decor ideas for your home.


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Accent with Wood

Elements of wood are essential to mountain-inspired decor. Wood will you’re your home a warm and rustic feeling. Exposed wood beams are a dramatic addition to any mountain home. If you cannot add exposed beams, consider using weathered wood paneling on the walls to integrate a wood element. One interesting way to do this involves Repurposing old barn wood into wall panels. Wood panels have texture and warmth that bring you closer to nature.

Stacked wood by the fireplace serves as both a utility and a statement piece. Select furniture that showcases unfinished wood, such as an old picnic table as your dining room furniture. Use antique or distressed wood chairs for seating elsewhere in your home. Gather twigs and branches as an unconventional arrangement in a vase or collect pinecones and acorns in a bowl for a centerpiece. These elements of wood will give your mountain home a natural look.

Contrast Your Materials

After you add wood accents, consider contrasting these rough items with softer fabrics and textures. Natural fibers like linen and wool are a great way to soften the hard lines of raw wood. Use throw pillows and blankets in the living room and bedroom for a comforting look. Soft curtains and drapes will control the light from windows while providing more texture. The traditional bear skin rug in front of the fireplace balances out the stone or brick in your hearth. Softer touches like these will blend the rough aspect of the landscape with the comfort of your home.

Allow the Landscape to Shine

Most mountain homes incorporate large windows so that you can enjoy the scenery. Bring the landscape into your home further by including features of the landscape in your decor. Forests and trees translate into exposed wood furniture and fireplaces integrate the boulders and mountains. Select a color palette that has blues, greens, and browns from the environment.

These colors can influence your paint, accessories, or furniture and will create a contrast between natural and man-made for an inspired take on mountain decor.

Allow the Landscape to Shine

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Add Modern Touches

A feature of mountain decor that can really make your home shine is a modern touch. You want the look of a mountain landscape inspired design but with the modern comforts of the city. Mountain towns such as Denver, Colorado are close to both mountains and city life. Newy built homes in Denver, CO tend to incorporate both rustic and modern design in their new homes for sale and showcase mountain decor at its finest.

You can bring this same modern mountain decor to your home by adding unexpected pieces for a modern take. Brightly colored throw pillows can offset a neutral palette and create visual interest. Vintage furniture adds whimsy and breaks up the style in your home. Crystal chandeliers add a romantic touch and contrast the masculine aspects of rustic design. Don’t be afraid to work in personal items and make the style your own. High-end appliances in your kitchen give your mountain home an updated feel. These small touches offer your mountain home a modern touch.

Add Modern Touches

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Mountain decor takes themes from several aspects of design. From the rustic elements of stone and wood to soft fabrics and furniture promoting comfort, mountain decor can offer style that is approachable and elegant. Keep the style unique to you and add pieces that you enjoy. You can improve your mountain decor by accenting with wood, contrasting your materials, allowing the landscape to shine, and adding modern touch. Have you used any of these elements in your mountain home design? Share your ideas in the comments.

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