4 Ways to Properly Maintain Your Steam Shower

While they aren’t exactly cheap, steam showers are considered by many as a worthwhile investment due to the multitude of benefits that they offer. From granting stress relief from the duties and responsibilities of daily life to improving physical health, they are certainly good value for money. But this value is usually determined by their longevity, which in turn is dictated by how they are properly maintained.

  1. Steam generator

As its name suggests, the steam generator is what makes the steam shower function as it should. To this end, it is imperative that it is properly cleaned after about 20 or so showers to keep the output of steam at a reasonably good level. One way of doing this would be to fill its tank with a mixture of around five to ten grams of citric acid with a litre and a half of warm water. Allowing it to set for half a day should vaporise the acid.

It is also good common practice to ensure that the steam generator’s valve is drained at least every two months. While this may be a thankless task, it is nonetheless necessary to ensure that steam showers function as they are intended.



  1. Joints and seals

Perishable items such as the silicon seals and supply joints should be inspected once a year for wear and tear for deterioration and replaced accordingly. They can potentially cause problems in the future that may end up being more expensive to repair. While this task is relatively easy for most homeowners with a basic plumbing toolset, a general rule of thumb is to never tackle something that you are unfamiliar with and leave it to a professional instead.

  1. Glass doors and tiles

Mineral deposits are not uncommon with many steam showers, and this can leave unappealing hazes of white over the clear glass doors and tiles. Leaving them as is will only make the task of cleaning them later even harder. A nice and quick clean using a squeegee can do wonders for maintaining the form of the steam shower.

  1. Steam consistency

Mould and mildew are elements that usually tend to thrive in areas which are hot and damp. Since steam showers can serve as perfect incubators for these unwanted elements that can hinder the consistency of steam, it’s no bad thing to be sure that the bathroom is nice and dry after a shower.

By properly maintaining your steam shower, you are reducing the chances of potentially expensive repairs and increasing its longevity. The methods listed above should aid you greatly and ensure that you get the most out of your steam shower.


Image: Pixabay.com


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