5 Garage Winterization Tips for Homeowners

Each year, when the winter season rolls around, we tend to find ourselves prepping our houses for the ice, snow and cold and bitter winds. We seal up our windows and doors. We have our HVAC unit properly serviced. We also put flannels sheets on our beds to make them nice and warm at night.

Garage Winterization Tips But if there’s one place that many of us fail to properly winterize, it would have to be our garage. However, being that they store our cars, equipment and we tend to open the door leading to it in the winter just as much as any other time of the year (which means we are allowing cold air to come in quite a bit), we thought it would be a good idea to share with you some tips on how to help you get your garage ready for this winter season. Check these five tips out below:

Seal the windows. If you happen to notice condensation on the interior side of your windows, that’s a pretty good sign that they may have some small holes and cracks along the windowsills. If you have single-pane ones and you can afford to install some double-pane windows, we highly recommend it. But if you’re on a tight budget, you can also get some caulking from a local home improvement store and apply it to those areas. That should seal them and keep the cool air from coming in.

Paint the floor. If you’ve never thought about painting your garage’s concrete floor, we don’t blame you. It’s not something that’s considered to be a top priority for many homeowners; however, there are a lot of benefits that come with doing so. It makes the floor virtually spill-proof, it enhances the lighting in your garage and it also keeps dust from piling up inside of that space. And because it adds a sealant to the floor, that prevents it from being damp which also keeps the area a higher temperature.

Replace your door. Have you had your garage door so long that you can’t remember when you got it? Is it hard to open? Does it get stuck a lot? If so, these are all reasons to consider replacing it with a new one. Just make sure that you get the kind that is insulated. That will help to keep the cold out of your garage when the door is closed. Being that new doors cost a few hundred dollars, if you’re on a budget, there is an alternative. You can always purchase a garage kit. For a mere fraction of the cost ($60), you can insulate the door that you already have.

Install a garage heater. Something else that you can do is install heater inside of your garage. Just make sure that you buy the kind that is specifically designed for garages because they heat up quickly, they come with recommended thermostat settings, they’re compact, efficient and easy to install. For more information on garage heaters, visit Ultimate Garage Heater.

Insulate the door leading to your house. Out of all of the recommendations that we made, there is one tip that is the quickest and cheapest of them all: insulate the door leading to your house. All you need to do is place a towel at the bottom of the interior side of your door. That will keep the air from the garage from seeping into your house and will ultimate help to decrease your energy bills. Happy winterizing!

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