5 Neighborhoods in Atlanta That Rents Apartment

cabbagetown market

The most heavily populated city in Georgia, Atlanta is popular with families, couples and businesses alike. With a population of approximately 440,000 and with various appealing features, many people relocate to Atlanta every year. Here are five neighborhoods in Atlanta which an apartment can be rented in:


Consisting of six blocks, Cabbagetown dates back to 1881. Its mill, which was destroyed in a fire, has been renovated and there are many apartments in this popular neighborhood. Many types of amenities are in Cabbagetown, such as restaurants and quirky shops. Atlanta apartments in Cabbagetown are, understandably, highly sought after.

Castleberry Hill

Found on the National Register of Historic Places, many warehouses are in Castleberry Hill which are popular with artists. It played a central role in the Civil Rights movement and now has many restaurants. An idyllic neighborhood, Castleberry Hill is not only a great place to live but attracts scores of tourists.



One of the most popular neighborhoods in Atlanta with families, Downtown is home to the Centennial Olympic Park. The vast majority of this twenty one acre site is still designated for public use and is a great place to relax in. Situated in the center of Downtown, the Centennial Olympic Park also hosts many festivals throughout the year. Not only can an apartment be rented near the Centennial Olympic Park but also its many restaurants. If a family or couple want to rent a fully serviced apartment, they can choose one that’s located near various amenities. Sports fans can even rent an apartment that’s close to the Georgia Dome or Turner Field. Even if an apartment is rented several blocks away from these sporting stadiums, they can be travelled to with ease because there are decent travel links in Downtown. Even if an apartment is rented by a commuter, travelling to the center of Atlanta will be very easy.

East Point

A neighborhood that was built up around the formation of the local railroad, East Point was the most eastern part of the terminus in the whole of Georgia. Only fifteen minutes away from Atlanta, Camp Creek Marketplace is popular with locals and tourists because it has many shops and restaurants. East Point is also near decent travel links. In fact, it is only four miles away from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. There are many sports facilities in East Point – the Dick Lane Velodrome was originally built for the 1996 Summer Olympic Games and is still used by sports teams.

Sweet Auburn

Another neighborhood in Atlanta that has a direct connection to the Civil Rights movement because it is home to the restored home of Dr Martin Luther King Jr, Sweet Auburn has many amenities that are hugely popular with local residents. Atlanta apartments that are near the Sweet Auburn Curb Market are very desirable, especially as a huge array of local produce can be bought. Many festivals are held in Sweet Auburn in honor of Black History Month, such as Springfest.

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