5 Popular Fixed Blade Knives

Although a folding knife can be chosen, a fixed blade knife is a positive alternative. Fixed blade knives cannot just be used to cut fruit and vegetables before cooking them but they can also be bought for other reasons, such as adding them to a large collection. Here are five popular knives that have a fixed blade:

Boker Plus MA-2 Knife 02BO260

Unlike other knives, the blade on the ‘Boker Plus MA-2 Knife 02BO260’ doesn’t have a handle. Instead, it is held using three holes. Made from stainless steel, the ‘Boker Plus MA-2 Knife 02BO260’ is very strong and can be carried in a case. When a knife is required for a hunting trip or whilst fishing, the ‘Boker Plus MA-2 Knife 02BO260’ can be used in many situations, such as cutting guy-rope.

fixed blade knives

Buck Hartsook Ultralight Knife 0860BKS-B

As its name suggests, the ‘Buck Hartsook Ultralight Knife 0860BKS-B’ doesn’t weigh a lot. In fact, it weighs just 0.5 ounces. Not only is it popular with adults but children. If a parent wants to buy a knife which has a lightweight design for their child, the ‘Buck Hartsook Ultralight Knife 0860BKS-B’ can be selected. With a black oxide finish, it can be carried by children whilst hunting where it can blend into its background. When hunting at night, the ‘Buck Hartsook Ultralight Knife 0860BKS-B’ is ideal, especially as its blade won’t be noticeable in the moonlight. When a strong piece of string is attached to the hole at the top of its handle, it can be attached to a belt and used at a moment’s notice.

United Cutlery 1S1K Tanto Bowie Knife UC2831 

With a 7” coated stainless steel sawback blade, its large handle gives excellent grip. When a building professional or hunter requires a fixed blade knife for cutting large items, the ‘United Cutlery 1S1K Tanto Bowie Knife UC2831’ can be chosen. Not only can it be carried in a box but also attached to a leg by putting it into a strap. As this fixed blade knife has a camouflaged handle, it can be used in the Great Outdoors.

Cold Steel Scottish Spike Knife 53SDS

The ‘Cold Steel Scottish Spike Knife 53SDS’ is unlike Bowie knifes because it has a minimalist design. The handle is very comfortable and it can even be put into a rucksack or fanny pack. Despite its small design, its blade is strong and can be used for a long time before it has to be sharpened.

Boker Underdog Boot Knife 02RY6505

It is easy to use fixed blade knives such as the ‘Boker Underdog Boot Knife 02RY6505’ because it is attached to the bottom of the ankle. When hunting without a rucksack, a ‘Boker Underdog Boot Knife 02RY6505’ can be attached to the ankle. As soon as a knife has to be used, a strap can be undone. Once a knife has been used, a strap can then be fastened. At no point will a knife fall out because the strap that’s in front of it is very strong.

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