A List of Important Considerations You shouldn’t Forget when Choosing a Shower Cubicle

Choosing the perfect shower cubicle for your bathroom is never an easy task. Apart from considering the style and design of your shower cubicle, you also need to think about some practical and logistical aspects – how much available space you have, how many people will be using it, how often it will get used, how it fits in with your bathroom’s existing design, and so on. But whilst these are the obvious considerations, there are other considerations that not many people would think about and often forget. Here, then, is a list of important considerations when selecting the ideal shower cubicle for your bathroom.


Make a concrete assessment of your bathroom’s layout

Once you’ve determined the layout of your bathroom and have a good idea of what type of shower cubicle to install (whether it’s a corner cubicle, a three-sided one, or a recessed shower enclosure), you need to test it. See if your layout idea really works. Check if you will be able to open the shower door completely without any hindrances, and whether the space for bathing is big enough for all members of your household. You should also check if the basin, toilet, and bath are completely accessible. What you can do is cut out a few pieces of cardboard and use them as templates. Otherwise, you can use sticky tape to make markings of the cubicle’s dimensions on your bathroom floor and see if you can still conveniently and easily move around.

Measure the height

Most panels and doors for shower cubicles are approximately 1800 to 1900 millimetres in height, but some cubicle models are higher. What you should do is take measurements of your bathroom’s height. This is especially important if you live in an older home with low ceilings or if your bathroom is located in an awkwardly-shaped space, such as an attic or loft. When you measure your bathroom’s height and find out it is lower than 1800 millimetres, then you can opt for a shower cubicle with a height of 1700 to 1750 millimetres. Also, whilst measuring the height of the bathroom, you should make it a point to measure the shower tray’s height.

The features you should look for

If you really want to maximise your shower experience and make sure that you have chosen well, you should look for some extra features. This would include the right thickness of the glass and the right shower tray. Look for a shower cabin or cubicle that has glass of about 6 millimetres thick, even more. The glass should also have a special coating which can limit the buildup of dirt and limescale. In choosing shower trays, the best materials to look for would be acrylic or resin.

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