Can Caravan, Boats or Vehicles be Treated by an Exterminator?

Pest problems can strike anywhere, not just inside your home. We’re all generally familiar with how to handle bugs in the house, either with our own DIY plans or to simply call in a professional exterminator. But if you have an insect problem in your car, caravan, boat or trailer, what is the right thing to do? Can you even get a professional to help?

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Call the Exterminator

Unfortunately, many professional pest control services won’t do vehicles or caravans. Call anyway and you may get some helpful advice even if they are unable to provide you with an actual treatment. Good quality places like Fox pest control, a popular Lubbock exterminator, will often have great tips for you.

If you’re dealing with a caravan or other recreational vehicle, call professionals who offer service for them or even just a dealer. They may know how or where you can get pest control treatments.

Do It Yourself Instead

So without a professional, it can be up to you to take care of the job. It’s not as simple to offer advice or instructions because various types of vehicles are very different from one another.

Use sticky traps in hidden areas to keep invading bugs from settling in permanently. Bait traps work pretty well with ants or roaches, but they are designed that the bait is taken back to the nest. If the nest is outside of your vehicle, it won’t do any immediate good. Still, it can be handy to reduce the numbers of insects coming in from outside.

One trick that can do wonders for some bugs in a car, is to bake them out. Park your car in the bright sunlight and let it sit with the windows up all day. The temperature in the car will be extremely high and often drives out or kills the insects trying to shelter inside.

Due to the small size of a vehicle (compared to a house), you can use various sprays or foggers with good success. Find the right product for your specific insect problem, and give them a try. If you are dealing with a boat that doesn’t have an enclosed cabin, you’ll have to stick with sprays or traps rather than a fumigation product.

A Little Prevention

Because trying to deal with insect pests in a camper or vehicle is so awkward, your best approach is to keep them out in the first place. Most insects are only in your vehicle because they have found a source of food. Keep loose food, crumbs and messes cleaned up. In an RV, where food is intentionally stored, keep everything in plastic or other solid and air-tight containers.

Also make sure all your camper windows have screens, and keep car windows rolled up whenever you’re not using the car. Check where you’re parking too. If you have a nest or colony of something near your car, you should find a new parking spot or deal with the nest itself.

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