Controlling Mosquitoes the Natural Way

Mosquitoes are not only a nuisance but they can also be potentially dangerous as many of them carry harmful diseases that can be spread through a bite. There are many ways to control mosquitoes around your home but most of those methods involve spraying chemicals around the outside of your house. This is especially troublesome if you have children and pets who play in your yard and will inevitably come into contact with those chemicals.

Reasons to Go Natural
Controlling mosquitoes with natural methods can be better for your family. Pus, it also puts less strain on the environment. Whether you’ve already experienced problems with mosquitoes or you’re simply taking preventative action, calling in a professional company, like Mosquito Squad, that uses natural mosquito control methods can ensure that your outdoor space can be enjoyed without the annoying buzz of mosquitoes.

Benefits of Working with Mosquito Squad
This company has been dealing with mosquitoes in the Greater Indy area for many years. They have experience in natural treatment methods that are proven safe for use around kids and pets. Once your property is sprayed with the botanical treatment, you can get outdoors and enjoy your yard without worrying about mosquito bites. Mosquito Squad is knowledgeable about the behavior of mosquitoes and they can do an evaluation of your property to decide which areas need to be treated, greatly reducing the amount of mosquitoes on your property. They also do free consultations for anyone interested in natural mosquito control methods.

How Does Natural Mosquito Control Work?
When Mosquito Squad comes to your property, they spray a botanical treatment to the areas of your yard where mosquitoes are likely to feed. This natural treatment differs from traditional chemical sprays because it has a smell that mosquitoes don’t like, rather than a chemical that must be ingested like with a traditional spray. The smell will last for around 3 weeks for mosquitoes but humans will no longer notice the smell a few hours after application. It’s recommended that areas be treated every 14 days for the duration of the summer to keep the mosquitoes away.

Effectiveness Compared to Traditional Sprays
Many people turn to chemicals for mosquito eradication because they believe them to be more effective, but all natural mosquito control treatments are very successful when done correctly. The botanical spray used by Mosquito Squad has been shown to reduce the amount of mosquitoes in your yard at of a rate of 70% – 75%, compared to a reduction of around 90% for traditional sprays. The natural treatment doesn’t last as long as a traditional chemical spray, but it provides peace of mind that you don’t have harmful chemicals in your yard where your children and pets are playing.

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