Create Your Own Romantic Covered Seating Area in Your Garden, in Just One Day

Having seating around our garden is always a good idea. It enables us to sit and view our garden from different angles, follow the sun and relax. Great for reading a book or contemplation. In these days of laptop computers, we can now even retire to the garden to do our work. Imagine a job where you can sit in the sun and write for a living. If only such a job existed for everyone, and not just established authors.

Sometimes though, we need a place to get away with a loved one. The seating style above is very functional but can be improved upon. Here you will learn how to create your own romantichideaway in just one day.

Materials Needed

The materials required for this project can be found in a DIY store or garden centre.

  • Weed resistant membrane.
  • Bags of pea gravel.
  • Basic pergola.
  • Trellis
  • Ready mixed post concrete.
  • Clear corrugated plastic sheeting.
  • Garden furniture set.
  • Screws.
  • Fibre washers.
  • Low voltage lighting.

ClearThe Area

This is the first step. Just strimming the ground is not enough. Dig out any plants or lawn. I would then advise the use of a path weedkiller though the green party might object. The better job you do of preventing weed growth, the more years you will have a maintenance free floor.

Dig Holes

You will need four holes for the pergola. The kit should give you the measurements. Dig holes at least twelve inches deep.

Erect The Pergola

The pergola kits are usually very simple to assemble. Screws or nails will be provided as needed. Assemble it in place with the legs in the holes you previously dug.

Add The Concrete

Because you are using pre-mixed post concrete, this is easy. Just drop the dry mix into the holes around the pergola legs. Over time, the moisture in the ground will cause the mix to set or you can pour some water in yourself.

Fit The Roof

Fix the corrugated sheeting to the top of the pergola using screws and either fibre or rubber washers. There is no need to cut the sheeting to size, simply overlap it by the necessary amount. If the plastic sheeting is not to your taste, it can be covered with some seagrass screen to make the roof look like it is thatched.

Build The Walls

Fix trellis to the back and sides of your pergola. There may be some cutting needed here. You may also need to fix lengths of timber to the pergola to support the trellis.

Lay The Floor

Firstly, put down a layer of weed resistant membrane and then add at least a two inch thick layer of pea gravel. Hose down to wash off all the dirt or sand.


There are hundreds of garden furniture sets from which you can choose. Purchase a high quality set and it will last for many romantic years.


Fit low voltage festoon lights or outdoor fairy lights in your little grotto. Lighting sets the mood. Kits are cheap, reliable, and readily available these days. The cable can be run into a shed or the house, where the lighting transformer is plugged in.

The project is complete. In only one day, you have flexed your creative muscles and built your own little romantic setting for those warm summer evenings. As time goes by, you may decide to utilise climbing plants to dress the trellis and thus reduce any breeze. You may like to use some form of patio heater for when it gets a bit chilly. I would always recommend keeping a good supply of wine in for any occasion.

One day projects are great fun and give an instant effect to your garden. This one is well worth a try.

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