Everything You Need to Know about Power Washing

It could be the time to power-wash your home if you never thought of it before. Knowing how to maintain property is crucial for a homeowner as it helps raise the value of their home. Pressure washing comes with a lot of benefits for the property and its occupants. Below are some of the facts every homeowner needs to know about power washing before investing in it.

Not everything can be Power-Washed


Pressurized washers work well for windows, landscapes, driveways, patios, the exterior of a building, concrete fixtures, and pool decks. Unless a homeowner is trying to clean out paint, they should never power-wash their plastic furniture, wooden furniture, painted surfaces, and outdoor fabrics. Pressurized water can cause damage to some of these items.


The Power of Pressurized Washers isn’t Comparable to Garden Hose


Sometimes homeowners think that placing their thumb over a hosepipe can make it as powerful as a pressurized cleaner. However, this isn’t true because a hosepipe doesn’t have the pressure to dislodge the amount of grime that a power pressure can. Power washing companies such as Renew Crew of Johnson County uses machines that can be 80 times as powerful as a garden hose.


You can Use Power Washer for Removing Organic Growth


The force that a pressurized cleaner creates can help wash away substances such as dirt, mildew, grime, and mold. You can use it to dislodge debris and organic growth between the pavers. Removing debris and grime around your compound, on the driveway, and between concrete and patio bricks can be difficult due to reach. While not all brushes can penetrate between cracks on the pavement, pressurized water makes everything possible.


Preserve Your Paint


You’re likely to extend the life of the paint on the siding panels, driveways, and patios by at least three years. Power washing is less expensive than repainting the exterior walls of your home. Taking too long to power wash the exterior of a home can increase exposure to organic growth such as algae, mildew, and mold, which can be detrimental to your family’s health. The longer homeowners let dirt sit in their compound, the worse it can be.


Increase Your Home’s Value


Regular power washing of a home’s exterior can help increase its resale value. The better a property looks, the more money the owner is likely to make out of it. Use of pressurized water to clean the outside of a house will also prolong its life and increase the comfort of its occupants.


Homeowners should make power washing part of their summer and spring cleaning. Power washing not only increases the value of a property but also improve the health of its occupants. You can seek the assistance of a professional cleaner to keep your driveways, concrete, siding panels, and pool decks neat at all the time.

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