How to Add Audio to a Virtual House Tour Video with Movavi Video Editor

Creating a virtual house tour is fairly straightforward and can be accomplished with a digital camera or even a smartphone if you’re in a pinch. However odds are you won’t want to use the audio that you record, as it is likely to be rife with various sounds and ambient noise that will make the video seem less than professional.


Instead if you could add audio to your virtual house tour video after recording it you could include a clean narrative and perhaps even some subtle background music. While that may seem difficult at first, doing so with Movavi Video Editor is actually very straightforward:

  1. Click ‘Add Media Files’ and select the virtual house tour video that you want to edit as well as the audio files that you want to utilize.

  2. Both the video and audio files will be added to the ‘Timeline’ and you can rearrange the sequence of the audio files by dragging them into place or even creating a new audio track (if you want them to overlap).

  3. Make sure the length of the audio does not exceed the video by using the ‘Scissors’ to cut and remove any extra bits.

  4. When you’re satisfied click ‘Export’ to save your video.

As you can see there really is nothing to it and assuming you already have the audio files ready you should be able to add them to your virtual house tour in a matter of minutes. If you feel you need more complete instructions just head over to

In any case, before you save the tour video you may want to look into improving it in other ways as well with the features in Movavi Video Editor. It has tons of useful features that can help you to process your video footage and give it some flair – and you may want to think about enhancing the video quality, inserting animated transitions, cutting and combining video segments, applying special effects and filters, or inserting customizable text.

By spending a few minutes exploring the features in Movavi Video Editor and experimenting with them you will find that your virtual house tour could start to look truly attractive. Assuming you intend to use the tour to promote a property it could even make a world of difference and help you to attract more interest or even command a better price.

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