Is Your Garden Ready For Entertaining Guests?

The summer months are all about entertaining guests, whether it is close friends or family members. But when it comes to summer parties and barbecues, the back garden is always the star of the show. This is the place where people tend to congregate to smell the smoky meats and vegetables cooking on the grill, and it is also the perfect location to gossip over a glass of champagne whilst sat on the decking.

Yet you may be afraid of inviting guests round to your home if you think that your garden doesn’t quite cut the mustard; but you can change that! Spend a few of your weekends (in the spring months) doing the jobs needed to make your yard into an entertainment mecca. You can do this on any budget, so don’t worry about not having enough funds for the job! Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Install a deck or patio

If you have a healthy garden renovation fund, you’ll probably be able to stretch to paying for a garden deck. This is usually adjoined to the home so you can use the space available, straight from the back door. People tend to use their decks for furniture or hot tubs, but more about that later. When funds don’t permit you to have a deck, you can choose to install a patio instead which will cost significantly less. Your main outlay will be on the concrete paving slabs that you will insert in the ground.

Buy the right furniture

Once you have a solid foundation for an entertainment space, it is time to add the furniture to the mix. Most people will be happy enough with a table, chairs and umbrella, but you could have something custom-built if you want. If you are going for a more rustic effect, a simple picnic table could be the perfect solution, and you could stain the wood to match other features in your garden.

Find stylish decorations

Now that you have the basics sorted, you can look for finishing touches. This includes things like lanterns and fountains – basically just things to make your garden look pretty and magical. At this time it is worth thinking about other features for your own benefits, such as a bird feeder or trellises for your flowers.

Keep it tidy

Finally, when you have everything the way you like it, don’t forget to maintain the standard! Nature has a way of getting in the way of your hard work; especially when it comes to wind and rain. Tables can get dirty, leaves can get in all the wrong places and the weeds can get out of control. It makes sense to pencil a day in your diary each month to do some general maintenance; that way it won’t require too much effort before you have guests over. If your budget allows, you may also want to consider employing a gardener to take some of the strain off your shoulders.

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