The Simplest and Easiest Ways to Organise and De-Clutter Your Bedroom

If you want a bedroom that’s tranquil and serene, you can start by making it more organised. De-cluttering your bedroom is a sure way to make it a comfortable haven for rest and relaxation, although there’s always the assumption that de-cluttering and organising a bedroom is a difficult task. But it doesn’t have to be such a stressful endeavour. It can be easily done as long as you know what to do and prioritise. Here are the simplest and easiest ways to organise and de-clutter your bedroom.

Fix your bed first thing


As soon as you wake up, make it a habit to make or fix your bed. Think about this: even if the rest of your bedroom is clean and organised, an unmade and rumpled bed will make your bedroom look messy. Alternatively, if the bed is made and your bedroom has a bit of clutter, your bedroom will look cleaner. A few minutes spent straightening the pillows, folding or pulling up the sheets, and smoothing out the duvet can work wonders on your outlook for the rest of the day.


Sort, sort, sort


Of course, making your bedroom more organised means de-cluttering it as well. This entails going through all your items, from clothing to books, shoes, and accessories, and deciding which should go and which should remain. If you haven’t worn a piece of clothing for more than half a year, donate it or throw it away. If you haven’t read a book in years, do away with it as well. The same is true for collectibles, shoes, and exercise equipment.  Once you purge your bedroom of items you no longer use or need, you’ll have an easier time keeping it organised. And the good news is, this can all be done in a few hours – make a fun time of it by listening to upbeat music or eating takeaway whilst sorting through all your stuff.


Tackle your closet

Your closet may be one of the most disorganised elements in your bedroom, and you can’t really be blamed for this if your closet doesn’t have the necessary drawers and shelving. But you can tackle your closet and make it more organised by using closet organisers or containers, such as shoe racks, hanging storage containers, shelf racks, drawer dividers, and more. You should also arrange or portion your clothing by type, season, and colour.


If you really want to have a completely organised and clutter-free bedroom, one very easy way to do it would be to install a bespoke wardrobe. Bespoke wardrobes are popular for those who don’t have enough closet space and would like something more akin to their requirements. A good wardrobe designer will listen to your wants and needs and come up with a bespoke wardrobe that’s perfect for your items, your space, and your lifestyle.


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