The Solar Eclipse – This Summer’s Epic Event

Summer is the season for major outdoor activities and events.  A majority of those activities are close to nature, including things like hiking, fishing, camping, boating swimming, and hunting.  The activity taking center stage this summer is star-gazing and astronomy because a solar eclipse is scheduled to occur on August 21st.  Many people are preparing special trips to places where the eclipse will be most visible.  Scientists, astronomers and citizens who want to see this unique natural occurrence will congregate along the path of totality or as close to it as they can get.  Some may take advantage of a Groupon to get clothing and gear from L.L. Bean during their summer sale at discounts of up to 50% off.  These items can be handy for those who will camp out in the National Park in the days leading up to the eclipse.

Persons who combine a vacation with this trip will also come well prepared.  A good set of outdoor gear and supplies packed in a strong knapsack or shoulder bag from L.L. Bean can be the perfect item to have along when arriving at a place where innumerable others have gathered to view one of nature’s rare events.  Bring along a few items for personal entertainment, and prepare to do a little camping or fishing.   Enjoy staying out and looking at the stars and Milky Way on the evenings after the eclipse.  A dinner of fish fresh caught and cooked over an open camp fire will be a great way to prepare for an evening of outdoor star-gazing.  You might even use a Groupon to get a new “star atlas” to use when star-gazing after dinner at camp –   It’d also be useful to have handy when giving children some lessons in basic astronomical landmarks.

Of course, the eclipse is the big event.  At one time, a solar eclipse was thought to be an omen or message from the gods.  Today it is seen as an occurrence that demonstrates the dominance of the laws of nature and physics.  Regardless of how much mankind can achieve and how much he thinks of himself, things like a solar eclipse are a clear demonstration of how small man really is when compared to the events and powers that rule the universe and nature.  Man might predict them with unerring accuracy, but he can do nothing but observe them with awe.


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