Storage With Style

Storage can be one of the biggest obstacles to a stylish interior design. To avoid a cluttered house it is essential to have ample space to put everything away, but too many cupboards, drawers and wardrobes can really detract from the look and feel of a room.


This is particularly true of bedrooms as they can easily feel restricted if the walls are lined with cupboards and wardrobes, detracting from the romanticism of the room.


Stylish solutions


Ottoman beds offer a stylish and practical solution to storage issues. An ottoman is a bed which provides a large interior storage space by placing the mattress on a hinged lifting platform. With the aid of hydraulics or tension springs, the mattress can be easily lifted to reveal an enclosed space underneath.


Ottomans can offer a surprisingly large amount of space, probably similar to a medium sized wardrobe. As they combine a bed and storage solution, they are incredibly space efficient and free up other areas of the room as a result.


This can really help make a bedroom feel much larger and less restricted, giving a more luxurious feel to the room.



Load bearing


The practicality is extended by the bed’s load bearing capacity. Much of the load is taken by the ground rather than the bed structure, making ottomans a good place to store items that are too heavy for normal cupboards or shelves such as gym weights.


N.B: Be sure to check the maximum load with the manufacturer before throwing all your dumbbells into the bed though!


Style and choice


The wide variety of styles, both wood and leather, allows you to customise your bed with headboards and accessories, which means it is easy to coordinate the bed to the design of your bedroom. Moreover, ottoman beds can really accentuate the styling of a room, for example by freeing up wall space they can increase the impact of a feature wall.


Overall, if you are looking for a storage solution for the bedroom that combines decorative style with superior practicality, an ottoman bed could be the perfect option.

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