4 Things You Need to Know About Buying a New House Off Plans

The lure of the new-build home is stronger than ever. And now, many homes in Ireland are sold off plans, which means you don’t actually see the house you are buying when you put down the deposit – all you see are some drawings and probably a brochure or two. It can seem like a bit of a gamble to buy your home without even seeing it, but with a little forethought and getting the answers to some key questions you can be much more certain that your home will indeed be a dream.


  1. Pay Attention to Aspect and Orientation

You do need to make certain exactly what you will be overlooking in your new home, both now and in the future, since there are different aspects to houses in the same price band or set. For example you could be overlooking houses, or space that is scheduled for future development. Most larger new developments will have playground space for kids so, depending on your family situation, you may want to be as close to or as far away from these facilities as possible. You should go to the plot itself if you are in doubt, and see exactly what you will be next to.


  1. Confirm Your Garden Layout

You may not be able to see exactly what garden you are getting from the site map in the brochure. You should ask to see a landscape plan so that your exact boundaries are displayed. In addition, check what you are getting with your garden. Some developments include all the planting and grass, for example, while others will just give you a plain section of dirt.


  1. Be Specific With the Spec

Don’t be afraid to get into real detail when you are looking at some of the new homes meath offers, or looking at new build houses in other parts of the country. This is a massive purchase so you should naturally be sure of what you are getting, from doors to carpets, tiles to windows. Some fittings in the show homes will not be as standard so if you want these you’ll need to find out where to go to get them or ask for them to be added to the price.


  1. Check Roads and Traffic

The first phases of development likely leave you with a home close to the main road and most people will be entering the development passing your house. If you want something quieter it could be best to wait for the later phases of development so that you get your ideal location.




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