A List of Essential Factors to Consider when Preparing for a Move

When it comes to preparing for a move, it goes without saying that it will take time and effort on your part. Nevertheless, it need not be that stressful. You should still be able to have a stress-free move with the proper planning, preparation, and know-how. What, then, should you think about when it comes to planning a move? Here is a list of the most essential factors to consider.


What do you need? And what can you do without?

First, ask yourself this: what do you need to bring, and what items can you dispose of? Doing this at the beginning will make it easier when you finally decide to begin packing. After all, if you have fewer items to pack, then it won’t take as much time. Sort through your things and decide which items you can do away with and which items are still essential. Once you have disposed of certain items, you can concentrate on the goods you do need to bring. One tip: to make it easier, do the sorting by room. Start with your bedroom first, then move along to the kitchen, garage, and so on.

The importance of starting early

Some of us tend to wait until the last minute to do things. Whilst it may work on certain occasions, it definitely won’t work if you are moving. You have to give yourself time to sort through your belongings and pack them properly. You’d be surprised at what you need once you start packing – boxes, bubble wrap, tape, and the like. If you start early, you can easily purchase more packing materials when you run out. Otherwise, you’d be scrambling for whatever you need whilst being stressed at the same time.

Doing it room by room

As mentioned, it would be a good idea to do your packing room by room. Yes, it may result in plenty of boxes with too much space inside, but it will still help you be more organised. Place all kitchen items in your ‘kitchen’ boxes, bedroom items in your ‘bedroom’ boxes, and so on. Pack decorative items in a clearly-labeled ‘décor’ box, and pack plates and other china in a distinctly-labeled box as well.

Reducing everyone’s stress levels

There’s nothing much you can do come moving day, especially when it comes to stress. But there are ways in which you can stay positive and reduce stress and anxiety. For instance, keep yourself and your loved ones hydrated throughout the day. Have some snacks ready to keep sugar levels up. Assign tasks to everyone which they can easily do. If you have children, for instance, don’t let them lug boxes around – instead, have them do last-minute checks on the rooms for items you may have forgotten. The transport of boxes should be relegated to professionals, such as removal companies Gloucester like Advanced Removals & Storage.

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