Easy Ways to Burglarproof Your Home

Burglary can be traumatic and expensive. The best form of protection is still prevention. There are simple and inexpensive practical steps you can take to tighten the security of your home. Burglars target homes they can access easily with less chances of being detected. They enter properties where they can quickly get in and out. Three factors they consider are time, noise and visibility. Make sure your home security plan tackles all three.

1. Reinforce Doors

Your door is the criminal’s first entry point, so beef up your locks. Install a high-quality lock and make sure the hinges are placed inside and not outside, for invaders to pop them off. Check if the strike plate is worn. Replace it if it is loose because it could easily break if someone kicks the door. Inspect the gaps between your door and the frame. It is best if the door fits snugly so thieves won’t be able to insert crowbars in a gap to open the door.

2. Secure Windows

Aside from doors, windows can also be entry points to your home.  Don’t forget to lock windows before sleeping or going out. Windows are attractive, so you can consider installing security film that makes the glass harder to break through. You can also think of having security bars to prevent intruders from entering your home. Use curtains and shutters so it won’t be easy to see the inside of your home.

3. Secure your Garage

Do not forget to close your garage door because it could be eyed up by a burglar, especially if it is where you keep your tools, or it provides access directly to your home. Make sure any access doors are locked as well. Use automatic locks for better security.

4. Install an Alarm

Alarms are a good second line of defence. Intruders will be bothered by the noise, which should send them running. You can purchase many inexpensive alarm options these days. These include those that fit on windows or doors and activate when they sense vibration.

5. Get a Small Safe

You don’t necessarily need a big and heavy safe, even a small one can protect your valuables. You can get a small one that you can fasten to the wall or floor. Hide it in an inconspicuous area or mount it inside a wall with a picture on the surface.

Security should be a top priority to protect your family and property. The simple habit of locking all windows and doors is helpful. Many thieves simply skip homes with security features. Fortunately, today, you can count on companies that specialise in providing security services for homes and other properties. Oxford Security can offer solutions that fit your needs and budget. With their help, you will have greater options that increase your home’s security.








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