Four Tips on Clearing The Garage

Let’s say that you bought a new car and you wanted to finally use that garage you turned into a storeroom for old furniture and stuff. You opened up the garage and found that the place was unorganized and a complete mess, so you decided to clean it up. You can call in a junk removal team like Fort Lauderdale furniture removal to have them haul away what you do not need so that you can start your project.

What if there’s something that catches your eye, and you think it’s too valuable to throw away, and you want to keep it? Then you realize there might be other things still usable in there. In that case, try these four tips on clearing out the junk before calling in the removers.

  1. Start by taking everything out of the garage. This way, you can take a good look at everything that was stored there. Be mindful of the weather, so make sure to do this exercise during a sunny day. Also, expect that the items will be very dusty, so if you’re allergic to dust, you should wear a face mask to prevent inhaling the dust.
  2. Organise the junk. Place all unusable materials and trash on one side, and those still usable on the other. Gather all the scrap metal, nuts and bolts, metal cans, and glass jars in groups for example. For bigger furniture, gather them on one side, away from the smaller junk.
  3. Begin listing down items that are still in good condition. Create an inventory of everything that you have. If you don’t have any junk that’s still useful, you can ignore this step.
  4. Clean the garage. It’s time to get a broom and a dustpan and start sweeping. After cleaning out the remaining trash in the garage, you can finally park your car inside.

At this point, you may now call in your local junk removers to get all your trash cleaned up. For the usable items you have taken out of the garage, you may want to open up a garage sale and make a profit that you can use to have the rest of the junk hauled off by the removal services. And this isn’t just for your garage. You can use these tips too for storage rooms that you want to convert into a nursery or a guest room, or for sheds that you want to clean out.

When you do finally contact the junk removal service, always remember to notify them when and where you want the junk to be cleared. Some facilities also offer an option to specify a time and date when they can pick up the junk. They may also even give you an option to upload a video of what kind of junk they’re going to be picking up, and it is recommended that you upload one if there are a lot of items that are big, such as sofas or old cabinets.


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