Giving Christmas gifts – The history entwined with this custom of exchanging gifts

It’s that time of the year again when people will exchange their best gifts among family members and friends because it’s Christmas! Americans eagerly wait throughout the year for Christmas so that they can revel in mirth and merriment. This is considered as the holiday time when people take leave from their work and spend time with their families either by escaping to a vacation or staying at home. But have you ever wondered how this ritual of exchanging gifts came into existence?

One of the main reasons behind this custom of giving and receiving presents during Christmas is to remind us of the gifts and presents given to Jesus by the Wise Men, Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh. Frankincense was a sort of perfume which was used in Jewish worship and when this was given as a gift, it showed that people would definitely worship Jesus. Gold was associated with Christians and Kings as they believed that Jesus was the King of Kings. Myrrh was a perfume which was used on dead bodies to enhance the smell of their body and this signified that Jesus would die after a lot of suffering.

Christmas itself is about a BIG PRESENT – Dated 200 years back

Christmas is all about a big present which God gifted us 2000 years back – Jesus Christ! As per the famous Bible verses John 3:16 says that God loved the world so much that he gifted his only Son so that anyone who believes in him will never be lost and will always have an eternal life. Throughout the world, friends and families offer presents to each other and most children believe that Christmas is a time when someone will bring them gifts. Most often the gift-bringer is St. Nicholas, Father Christmas or Santa Claus. Nevertheless, in Germany people believe it is Christkind who brings gifts, in Italy is the Befana, the old day and in Spain it is the Wise men.

Such presents brought by any of the aforementioned people are left in various places. In major parts of Europe, gifts are left in boots or shoes that are displayed by children. In the US, Italy and the UK, presents are given in stockings which hang around the fireplace. In the UK, they’re often opened on Christmas morning when all the members of the family are present.

How were presents opened in different countries?

The ritual of opening presents was different throughout the world. The earliest presents are opened on the day of St. Nicholas, which is on the eve of 6th December. Children residing in Germany, Belgium, Czech Republic and other European countries open their gifts on the 5th December eve. On the other hand, children in the US, UK and countries like Japan open their gifts on Christmas Day (25th of December).

The present generation practices the ritual of giving gifts in groups, of school, clubs and workplaces. The game is called Secret Santa. In case you’re wondering about the modern day Christmas gifts, you can get a wide variety of gift options which can be ideal for corporate games like Secret Santa. You can gift them things with their names and photos carved in them. Coffee mugs, tee-shirts are some good examples of things that you may give from this store.

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