What You Should Know about Electric Combi Boilers

Your comfort any time of the year is important. In countries with four seasons and very cold winters, boilers and other heating systems are a priority. Several types of boilers are installed in homes around the United Kingdom and for older homes, it is possible to find gas-fed or oil-fed boilers.

Although old types of boilers are still efficient, newer boiler units are easier to install and maintain. They may be a few pounds costlier than other types of boilers, but their better features compensate for the higher cost. One of the newer boiler options in the market is the electric combi boiler. If this is the first time you’ve heard about it, read on.

What is an electric combi boiler?

An electric combi boiler is a heating system that provides heat throughout your house. At the same time, the unit provides you with hot water for bathing and washing, etc.

It is a better choice when you want to replace your oil boiler. It is a much cleaner heating system because it runs on electricity instead of gas or oil. It is convenient to use and suitable for modern compact homes that do not have space for an oil or gas tank. With different sizes available, it is easier to install an electric combi boiler in a limited space, such as in a laundry or kitchen cupboard. You do not need a separate heater for your laundry, kitchen or bathroom.


An electric combi boiler offers many advantages to homeowners, making it a better alternative to oil or gas boilers.

  • Energy efficient. It is energy efficient, which is its main selling point. Users are very satisfied with this boiler model. It does not use fossil fuel and it does not release harmful gases into the air.
  • Cost efficient. Millions of homes in the UK do not have access to the mains gas supply. Thus, the electric combi boiler is a great way to provide them with hot water and central heating. Moreover, because of its compact size, the boiler does not require a flue. Installation is flexible because it does not have to be near an outlet wall. The installation cost is also lower because it does not require the installation of gas pipes.
  • Quiet operation. The electric combi boiler is very quiet. It does not need elements within the boiler to move for heat generation.

Low maintenance requirement

The new boiler system does not have that many mechanical parts, thus it is a low-maintenance boiler. It is more durable than other boilers and only needs to be regularly checked by a professional heating technician.
An electric combi boiler presents you with many features that can help you make the decision to buy one. It you want to know more, consult an expert in heating options, so you’ll have the right kind of information about the models that would best fit your heating requirements.




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