The Many Benefits of Using LED Downlights

LED downlights are getting more popular these days for both residential and commercial establishments. This is due to the advantages of using these downlights. To begin with, they are aesthetically appealing. The lights are built using various semiconductor materials and other compounds. They also come in different colours. The most popular ones are red, orange, yellow and blue. These colours are produced not through colour filters but by simply emitting the light of the chosen colour.

They will last longer

Compared with regular halogen lights used at home, LED downlights are designed to last for a really long time. The usual fluorescent tubes for instance will last for only 10,000-15,000 hours. This is way shorter than the life span of LED downlights, ranging from 25,000-100,000 hours. The energy efficient technology is what makes people prefer downlights.

To make it even better, LED downlights don’t use mercury. This element is present in halogen bulbs. As a result, there is less carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere, making downlights a lot more environmentally friendly.

In terms of power consumption, LED downlights consume 50% less than halogen and fluorescent light bulbs. The maintenance cost is also very low. In fact, despite continued use, these lights will still last for a long time.

No risk at all

Perhaps, one of the biggest values of LED downlights is their ability to dissipate heat. Even if used continuously, it maintains a certain temperature. Therefore, you are safe from overheating that could lead to fire. There is also no radiation emitted. Hence, even if you come close or there are kids nearby, they won’t be at risk in any way.

You may also choose the voltage power of your downlights depending on your preferred size and intensity (in lumens). The beam angles may also come in different options, making the lights more visually entertaining.

If you are easily irritated by certain sounds, you might have noticed that traditional bulbs have a flickering sound that is quite annoying. It has something to do with how these lights were designed. You are guaranteed not to hear those sounds when using LED downlights.

Different ways to use downlights

Given the benefits of downlights, you should consider using them. You can use them to highlight a centrepiece at home. At work, you may use them if you are heading on a road show. It would be nice to highlight the pieces you are trying to sell using these lights.

For more information about LED downlights and how much they cost, go to These are the lights of the future. Grab the chance to use them and let go of the more traditional options.


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